The Never Again Coalition is Portland, Oregon’s response to genocide and other crimes against humanity. Joining together from different organizations and backgrounds, we stand together and work towards revitalizing the phrase Never Again.


our accomplishments

I first got involved with work in Darfur through my rabbi in New York in 2006. The main form of advocacy that I did was to write petitions and letters and have people sign them at local events. I was able to go to Washington DC for the Save Darfur rally that same year. I heard many politicians speak passionately about the desire to help end the genocide in Darfur, including then Senator Barack Obama.

When I moved to Portland in 2007, I wanted to continue with this work but wasn’t sure where to start. Around that same time, a Darfur committee was started at the synagogue I belong to. It was through this committee that I found out about the Postcard Brigade. I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea. In an age where people turn more and more to the internet for activism, here was a project going at it from a totally different angle. Instead of being bombarded with emails, the Postcard Brigade is set up so that the government officials who receive these messages can’t just press delete and erase them. They have to contend with a towering stack of postcards with simple and straightforward messages. Our elected officials want to help but they need us to remind them. Their plates are very full these days and it takes people like us, with the help of the Postcard Brigade, to let them know that we cannot stand idly by while genocide and crimes against humanity are being perpetrated. I am proud to be a member and manager of the Postcard Brigade.
— Lauren Fortgang, co-chair Never Again Coalition


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