Portland has the chance to expand its conflict mineral free policy

The Portland City Council will have the opportunity to vote on a new and more comprehensive Sustainable Procurement Policy for the City which includes conflict-free mineral policies for City procurement! We are happy to see the City of Portland assert itself as a leader on issues of conflict mineral sourcing with these new procurement standards. 

The mining of conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold - also known as 3TG) has been fueling armed militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo) for far too long. By demanding that companies source minerals through a transparent supply chain, we can all help bring peace to the Congo. To learn more about conflict minerals, watch Enough Project's short video here.

Not only is this policy a great step for Portland, but we are hopeful that this progress will extend to the State level where we have been supporting statewide conflict-free mineral procurement legislation. Oregon's legislation will be introduced in the 2019 legislative session, so we are happy to see awareness and support of conflict-free mineral policies beginning now at the City level. Since procurement between the City and State often overlap, it is advantageous that the two conflict mineral policies are consistent. Should both proposed policies be adopted, the efforts would be mutually strengthened and purchasing practices between the two would collectively benefit.

We have been working alongside organizations like Enough Project and individuals like Amanda Ulrich who have been instrumental in supporting the new policy. We have also received the critical support of our Portland community and allies around the nation by gathering signatures on a letter that we will send to the Mayor of Portland and Portland City Commissioners. 

The policy was originally scheduled for a hearing on July 25th, but has been postponed until August 22nd. This means that we have more time to spread the word and gain support for conflict-free mineral procurement in Portland! If you would like to add your name to the list of supporters, click the link below to read the letter and sign on. 

NAC has also sent its own letter of support to the Council members, which is featured above.